Why three central Europeans ended up in Vietnam?

Why three central Europeans ended up in Vietnam?

world-map2When I told my friends that I am going to Vietnam for nine month their reactions were really worth it! Some of them asked me if I am crazy, some were curious what I will do there and some of them with the same spirit as me just asked me to pack them into my suitcase and take them with me. Unfortunately Europeans are not the same size as Asians so I agreed with the idea of  writing a blog and share my adventures with them online. As my roommates had similar intentions we decided to motivate each other in writing and make a common blog together. Hopefully our plan will work out and we will post new articles and photos time to time to spread the Vietnamese vibe around the world.

I guess that most people see Vietnam as a country full of ricefields and people with the typical conical hats drinking tea everyday. Some of us remember the scenes from the Forrest Gump movie and the war with USA but also amazing pictures of the rocks floating on the water – Ha Long Bay. Those are definitely interesting reasons to check out Vietnam but were those reasons for me to come to here?

Coming to Vietnam was actually compliance of lucky circumstances. During the last year of my studies in law school I realize that I am not ready to find a stable job. As I didn’t have good experiences in working in law firm and on the contrary great experiences with work in ngo I started to look for volunteering opportunities abroad. I found several programs in Africa but my first choice was South America. However it was almost impossible to find something reasonable for freshly graduate with very low budget. I postponed volunteering and went to USA to work and travel. When I came back home I wrote several more e-mails about volunteering and as we say “things happen when you at least expect it.” There was a small ngo in Slovakia that was looking for a volunteer to go to Vietnam. The adventurous part of me decided very fast and in a month I came to Hanoi.

What happen in Hanoi during our stay here? How the Vietnam and Vietnamese are? Those are one of the topics of the blog. So stay tuned we will post more soon 🙂

Clara (Klara)

I decided to come to Vietnam because I wanted to experience something new in my life. Volunteering abroad is a brilliant opportunity to do three things in the same time, which is traveling, helping and learning. That is what I was interested in.

It took me one month to become sure that I’m leaving Poland and moving to Vietnam for 8 months. Since first day being here I have been experiencing a lot, meeting many new and friendly people and learning new things about culture, language, daily life. I already know that I will get more than I can give. Thank you Vietnam for welcoming me!


When I was accepted for this voluntary project, I met with many different reactions. Some people were excited and supportive, some thought I was crazy, some tried to convince me not to go, others still had associations with a war zone. And almost everybody was asking why I chose to go to Vietnam. Well, the answer was simple: because I wanted to! I don’t plan, I follow my intuition. I don’t have any special reasons, I discover them on my way. I don’t hesitate, I face the challenge. When somebody asks “are you escaping from your real life”, I answer “are you living yours”.

Through the past few months I met a lot of inspiring people, who crave new experiences, who live their dreams and instead of saying “impossible” start doing things. And this is how I learned about EVS. That was also the time when I was trying to figure out what I wanna do next in my life. I got a message about new projects (btw thank you Arnika :)). The moment I saw “Vietnam”, I knew that that was it. I suppose some would call it a destiny. And here I am, living my dream and doing what I want! Sounds easy, right? Everything is doable if you really want it!



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